We distributor of Covestro (Bayer) Makrolon PC, Bayblend PC-ABS; ENPLA engineering plastics, and CCP PBAT, PBS and PLA. We are also supplier of PCR plastics, PBAT, PBS, PLA and Ocean plastics materials, and has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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Cheer Young (CY) has been working in the engineering plastics compounding industry for 30 years.

In response to environmental protection needs, it has introduced environmentally friendly recycled plastics such as PCR PC, PCR ABS, PCR PC/ABS, PCR HIPS, etc.

And expand the biodegradable materials, biomass materials. In terms of sea waste plastics, Cheer Young has applied for UL certification for sea waste materials and is also cooperating with many customers.

After joining the alliance, join in the grand event with the industry's advanced. We are committed to promoting the circular economy, providing carbon-reducing materials, and striving to help users achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions.


▼ Sea Waste Recycling Alliance Industry Flow Chart

海廢再生聯盟 產業流程圖


▼ Sea Waste Recycling Alliance Cheer Young Co., Ltd. Recycling Organization

海廢再生聯盟 祺源股份有限公司 回收再利用機構