We distributor of Covestro (Bayer) Makrolon PC, Bayblend PC-ABS; SABIC engineering plastics, and CCP PBAT, PBS and PLA. We are also supplier of PCR plastics, PBAT, PBS, PLA and Ocean plastics materials, and has been certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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Cheer Young (CY) is a professional engineering plastics (ENPLA) material manufacturer. Founded in 1990, we design plastic materials for various applications, including 3C applications (computers, communications, consumer), automobiles, locomotives, bicycles, various tools, household items, etc. Our customers are mainly in Taiwan, China, Asia, and expanded to America and Europe. We design and compound special plastic materials that meet your special requests.


Our factory is specially designed for plastic compound materials and has passed ISO 9001 certification. The equipment of the production line includes:

  • Production extrusion lines
  • Test injection lines
  • XRF chemical substance inspection
  • Properties performance testing equipments


In recent years, environmental protection has flourished. In view of global warming and the recycling and reuse of plastic raw materials, it has received strong support from governments of various countries, and industry leading brands have taken the lead in adopting post-consumer environmentally friendly recycled plastics. We have also developed PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) products of various engineering plastics under this trend, and has obtained TUV certification. We do our best to environmentally protect the earth.


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